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Embed a Customer Ticket Area Everywhere

With the Tickets App, you can add a customer ticket area to your website so your customers get immediate help from a single interface, in whatever form they prefer.

Fast and Simple Ticket Creation

Your customers can submit tickets in seconds. No superfluous functions, just a clean and simple interface. Customize fields on the ticket form and add built-in fields like departments.

  • Department and priority fields
  • Clean and simple interface
  • Custom ticket fields

Login and Registration

Require that customers register or login before sending tickets. Or, leave it open to any visitor. Personalize the form with custom fields and display an optional privacy consent acceptance form.

  • Registration and login forms
  • Visitors can access without registering
  • Custom fields
  • Privacy and GDPR

Lots of Information

Automatically display useful information to your customers, such as lists of attachments, agent online and typing status and agent location and local time. You can also choose which information to display.

  • Typing and online status
  • Conversation attachments list
  • Agent location and local time
  • Ticket details and department

Chat Settings Support

Most chat settings also work in the ticket area. This includes features like Slack, chatbots, the timetable, notifications, sounds, articles and more. See the Chatbot page for more details.

  • Slack and Dialogflow
  • Notifications and messages

WooCommerce Integration

WordPress synchronization allows the ticket area to automatically recognize logged in customers. You can also include a WooCommerce item selector in the new ticket form and allow customers to link a WooCommerce item to the ticket.

Tickets System

Include a professional ticket area on your website and provide support where your customers are.

Chatbots, Slack, and More

The first tickets system on the market powered by chatbots and Slack. For more efficient support.

Great UX

Human-centered design. Clean and minimal. Responsive. Beautiful animations. RTL and more.

Google ReCaptcha

Permanently block bots and protect your ticket area from spam and abuse with Google ReCaptcha.

Infinite ticket areas

Create as many unique ticket areas as you want via API. Each panel can use its own settings.

Email confirmation

Option to send a confirmation email after creating a new ticket or chat conversation.

Responsive Layout

The widget automatically adjusts its design and layout to fit the container or device width.

Fast and Easy Installation

Ready to use immediately. Just insert the script link or the WordPress shortcode and you're ready to go.

Customization Options

Customize the layout and functionalities of the widget and choose elements to display or hide.