This add-on is free!

Use Slack to Engage Your Web Visitors

Respond and reply to messages directly in Slack – the app you already use each day. Our two-way sync updates the full conversation history in SmartChat in real time.

Communicate Directly in Slack

Receive and respond to messages sent directly from users in Slack in real time. You can also edit the messages sent from Slack at a later time or delete them.

  • Send and receive messages
  • Edit and delete messages
  • Real-time two-way sync

Markups, Emojis and Code Snippets

Enjoy the Slack Editor's full support. Slack's message formatting, including bold and italic, is compatible with SmartChat. Slack code snippets and emojis are supported too.

  • Text markups like bold and italic
  • Ordered and bulleted lists
  • Emojis
  • Code snippets

User and Agent Sync

Agent and user details, including name, surname and profile image, are synced with Slack. Each agent can be linked to a Slack teammate, and SmartChat can detect whether any agents are online.

  • Sync user details
  • Update profiles automatically
  • Link agents to Slack teammates
  • Detect online status

Multiple Teammates and Shared Channels

Any number of teammates can use Slack simultaneously and reply to the user. A Slack channel shared by all teammates will show the user’s details and provide a link to open the conversation channel.

  • Teammates shared channel
  • User details
  • Dedicated user channel
  • Multiple Slack teammates

Attachments and Media

Enjoy the two-way sync feature. Send and receive attachments or media directly in Slack in real time.

Autochannel Cleaning

Archive old channels in just one click. The archived channels are automatically restored as needed.

Bot Messages in Slack

Sync full conversations including auto messages, Dialogflow bot messages and Rich Message responses.