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Revolutionary Marketing Tools for WooCommerce

Increase your shop’s sales with powerful automation marketing tools for WooCommerce like bots integrated with your shop, automatic discounts, follow-up and more.

Customer Shop Details

View your WooCommerce customer details directly in the conversations admin area in real time. No more time wasted searching for information. This tool boosts productivity and response time.

  • View customer lifetime total spend
  • View customer order history and order details
  • View customer total orders

WooCommerce Products Pop-up

Send product card messages on the fly from the conversations admin area with one click via the dedicated pop-up. Have a multilingual site? The pop-up automatically displays in the user’s language.

  • Insert product cards on the fly
  • Filter by category and search products
  • Fully multilingual

WooCommerce Cart Management

View and manage customer carts in real-time from the admin area. Help your customers complete purchases by adding (or removing) products on the fly. Increase customer satisfaction and conversion rate.

  • View the customers cart in real-time
  • Manage customer carts and add/remove products
  • Fully multilingual

WhatsApp shop integration

Synchronize WooCommerce with your WhatsApp shop and allow your users to purchase your WooCommerce products on WhatsApp. SmartChat will generate a checkout link automatically.

  • Synchronize WooCommerce with WhatsApp
  • Automatic checkout on your WooCommerce site
  • Use the chatbot to automate the user experience

Our chatbot knows your shop and answers your vustomers' questionsThe WooCommerce chatbot requires the Dialogflow App

By combining the power of Google AI and the structured data of WordPress and WooCommerce, the WooCommerce bot autonomously understands user questions related to your shop and provides answers with information extracted from your WooCommerce shop. The bot even synchronizes when you edit content on your website.

Take conversational marketing to a whole new level via automated chatbotsThe WooCommerce chatbot requires the Dialogflow App

People love communicating via chat because it's fast, easy and actually feels like a conversation. Replace or enrich traditional marketing channels like emails and forms with the chatbot. Send discounts, follow-up messages, returning visitor messages, abandoned cart reminders and much more in a conversational way.

Complex conversations that delight customersThe WooCommerce chatbot requires the Dialogflow App

The bot can handle conversations that involve memories and context. Ask for product details, then for the price, and the chatbot recalls products discussed in previous messages and provides the price for the right one. Many scenarios are supported. For more details, visit the chatbot page or see the WooCommerce chatbot in action here.

Access Advanced Chatbot Technology

Currently, advanced chatbots are only used by big brands with budgets to develop the complex interactions required by human-like conversations. With the WooCommerce App, you can access the same technology for a fraction of the cost!

WooCommerce Integration Details

All products details, including prices, ratings, images, attributes, release dates and much more are synchronized with the chatbot.

Products and Attributes

All product details, including prices, ratings, images, attributes, release dates and more are synchronized with the bot.

Categories and Tags

Product categories and tags are synchronized with the bot and automatically updated when you make changes.

Shop, Cart, and Orders

Let the chatbot help your customers by autonomously providing personal information related to their carts and orders.

Act on Behalf of The User

The chatbot can perform real actions on behalf of the user, like adding products to their carts or opening website pages.


The synchronization is multilingual. Products, categories and everything else will be synchronized in all available languages.

Fully Automatic

No setup is required. Just synchronize the bot from the admin area with one-click and it will begin replying to shop-related user questions.

Blazing Fast

The shop data is fetched independently from the WordPress system by directly accessing the database, ensuring the best performance.

Compatible with Messaging Platforms

The WooCommerce chatbot is compatible with the most used messaging platforms, including Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Twitter, Telegram, Instagram.