Customizations tailored for your business

Do you need tailored features for your business? Hire us!

We are high-level developers who work quickly and efficiently. The cost of working with us is low because we built SmartChat and know it intimately. As a customer, you're receiving a cost saving for working with the expert in the field.

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Our rate

25/ hour

Optimal configuration of SmartChat

Our team will skillfully set up all the features you need, ensuring a seamless and efficient support system for your business.

from €20

Messaging apps configuration

For a flat rate of €45 each, we offer the setup of various messaging apps, including WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, Google Business Messages, and others.

from €45

Google and Dialogflow configuration

At a fixed price of €45 each, we offer the complete setup of advanced Google features, including Dialogflow chatbot, language detection, translations, smart replies, and more.

from €45

Dialogflow chatbot creation

We can help you create advanced conversational chatbots. You can take full advantage of Dialogflow and SmartChat technologies and leverage them for your unique needs.

from €35

Customizations for SmartChat

We can develop SmartChat features tailored to your needs. Using the API, our customizations are top notch. SmartChat customizations are never lost during plugin updates.

from €35

Do you need something else?

We are available for hire. If you need help for anything related to Dialogflow or SmatChat, please get in touch with us. We'll be happy to discuss the details of your request.

from €35